samedi 11 février 2017


                     FAVOURITE SERIE: TEEN WOLF

My favourite série is Teen Wolf.Teen Wolf is an American télévision series developed by Jeff Davis for MTV.It is loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name, and stars Tyler Posey as a teenager named Scott McCall, who is bitten by a werewolf and must cope with how it affects his life and the lives of those closest to him, and Dylan O'Brien as "Stiles" Stilinski, Scott's best friend. The series has received generally positive reviews from critics and is a fan favorite on social media.Teen Wolf premiered on June 5, 2011, following the 2011 MTV Movie Awards On July 9, 2015, Teen Wolf was renewed for a sixth season of 20 episodes, which premiered on November 15, 2016. On July 21, 2016, the cast announced at Comic Con that the six season would be the series' final


Scott McCall is a most ordinary teenager. He is not the most popular of his high school, he is not the laughing point either ... One evening, his best             friend Stiles convinces him to follow in secret the search of the police to find a body in the woods Surroundings. During this expedition, he finds himself face to face with a strange beast and particularly ferocious. He escapes from this attack and, lucky, with only one wound: an ugly bite. The next day, Scott feels weird. Without knowing it yet, his life has just changed. He became a werewolf

samedi 3 décembre 2016

My favorite music

My Favorite Music

My favorite music is Rap, and more specificly French Rap, i hear rap evry day , because if i don't hear it i feel Something missing , it's a realy straing feeling which i can't even express , i often hear to Mister You , he is one of the best French rappers , Mister You has released a new materials including mixtape and street album M.D.R. (or Mec De Rue) that incorporated cooperations with various rappers like Bruler & LaCrim, Tunisiano, Zesau and others and was released on 25 October 2010. It proved to be his biggest commercial success reaching #9 on the official French Albums Chart. Based on that success, he released a music video for "Les p'tits de chez moi", in duo with Mimma Mendhy, so this is my favorite music gender and my favorite artiste.


mercredi 28 septembre 2016

hello!my name is mohamed bennis i m 15 years old . i was born in tangier in 13 august 2001. i have 2 brothers here name is mohyddine and abderazak . i live in Tangier .my mothers name is Hafsa and my father s name is Driss.i play billard and football. i m morrocan.

Morocco is located in the northwest of Africa,Its capital is Rabat, and its largest city is Casablanca.It is especially characterized by mountainous or desert areas and is one of the only countries.Its population is almost 34 million habitants (2014 census) and an area of 710,850 km².the Morocco is characterized by mountainous towns as chef chaoun,but the some probleme in Morrocan is cleanliness in street and the probleme of this is the moroccan people.I am proud to be Moroccan because we are all Muslims.
 and in Morocco we have a culture that is ramdan,Ramadan is for Muslims, the "holy month by excellence" because it is the month of fasting (or Sawm) and contains Laylat al-Qadr.

the only thing I would change in Morocco is the cleanliness in cities and also the mentality of some men